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Superior striker to Connor Bedard past Kent Hughes

Superior striker to Connor Bedard past Kent Hughes

In hockey insider circles, one name shines with an increasingly luminous aura, evoking both dazzling potential and the doubts surrounding raw talent: Ivan Demidov.

As the spotlight falls on the upcoming NHL Draft, Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes finds himself faced with a golden opportunity, one that could redefine his team's future.

Praise has been pouring in for Demidov, who is unanimously recognized as the most talented striker in his class. However, despite his undeniable superior talent on the ice, some recruiters remain hesitant, hounded by what they call the “Russian factor.”

This lack of confidence, already observed in the case of Matvey Myshkov in 2023, indicates a lower rating for Demidov, although he could take top 6 or 7 honors.

Here lies the opportunity for Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens. In a position to pick seventh overall right now, they could take advantage of this potential drop to get their hands on a player whose talent is beyond limits.

If Demidov becomes available at this point in the draft, Hughes could redeem himself, righting what some consider to be one of the biggest mistakes in CH history in terms of the draft. (Reinbacher before Mechkov).

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Praise for Demidov continues to grow. Former CH recruit Grant McCagg doesn't hesitate to place the Russian prodigy above Connor Bedard in terms of puck possession, a bold assertion that attests to the unwavering confidence in Demidov's talent.

Simple statistics aside, Demidov embodies the miracle in all its glory. His game on the ice is a seamless fusion of speed, finesse and instinct, captivating spectators and terrorizing defenders.

With such a block in hand, Kent Hughes finds himself at a crossroads, ready to seize the opportunity to shape the future of the Montreal Canadiens with a player whose name can echo across the NHL for a long time.

If Kent Hughes chooses Demidov…we'll forgive him “Mitchkov's mistake” tomorrow morning…