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Jonathan Hivernut impresses… in Australia!

Jonathan Hivernut impresses… in Australia!

Jonathan Hivernot traveled to Australia to compete in the Wheelchair Rugby National Championships. The SPORTMAG athlete made a strong impression.

Jonathan Hivernot, a conductor… in the four corners of the world. The captain of the French wheelchair rugby team and Stade Toulouse was traveling to Australia last week. “A club wants me to play in the Australia Cup”The key person involved explains. I quickly accepted as it allowed me to evolve into one of the world's best wheelchair rugby nations and face the best Australian players we could see in the games. »

A place in the competitive team

A very positive experience under the colors of West Coast Enforcers. Even if coach Ryan Scott's men didn't go all the way, the competition paid off for Jonathan Hivernut. The Australian club team wanted to pay tribute to the Sportmac player. “Congratulations to Jonathan Hivernet who is part of the tournament's All Star 4”Trust West Coast Enforcement Officers. “It was great to have a world-class player with us to help us stay competitive. And he's a great guy, and we had a great time with him!”

From now on, it's time for the blues

Upon returning to the Australian side, Jonathan Hivernot will focus on the end of the season with Stade Toulouse. But the preparation continues with the blues for the Paralympic Games. “All the players and staff of the French team meet once a month at CREPS in Vichy. We work, constantly improve, and remain loyal to one principle: never rest on our laurels. » The conductor is ready to continue his role…

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