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Matthias Brunet thinks we should adjust our expectations of Kaiden Guhle

Matthias Brunet thinks we should adjust our expectations of Kaiden Guhle

Yesterday, Kayden Gaul was appointed captain of Junior Canada. This is great news for the young defender. The choice was obvious, because according to many, it’s a file Leader Undisputedly, even at the age of nineteen.

Despite all the excitement about this young man, Matthias Brunet reminded people that they shouldn’t get carried away too quickly with Guhle. We must temper our expectations. Well said, because in Montreal we like to compare our hopes to the best of our generation before they even play one game at the Pittman circuit.

We must temper our expectations and not lower them to the lowest level. As Martin LeMay mentioned, with what we see right Now Young man, we can be sure he will have a full career in the NHL. Just don’t compare him to Victor Hedman and Cal Makar out of this world.

Lemay is sure he will be a top 2 defender in a few years.

But Matthias Brunet also stated that this does not mean that he has been appointed captain of the ECJ that he will have a great career. At the beginning of the report, Brunet named the names who were already captains with Canada and didn’t always have a great career. Karl El-Zenner, Curtis Lazar, and Kyle Chipshura have all worn a “C” for the last 15 years, needless to say, the rest of their careers.

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It is important to mention that not all leaders have been “flounder”. Brayden Point, Ryan Ellis, and Ryan Nugent Hopkins were also ECJ leaders.

However, Brunet admitted that Guhle is a good leader and that he is good fun That he was nominated by Sidney Crosby, but we shouldn’t get carried away too much. It’s a huge contradiction to what a lot of people say about him, but everyone has a right to their opinion.

The analyst thinks the World Junior Championships is a funny thing bib. This is not necessarily the best way to assess the hopes of NHL teams. Remember that in the 2018-19 season, Ryan Poehling was named Player of the Tournament for the United States. During the same tournament, Nick Suzuki collected only three assists in five matches. And see which of the two has the best professional career right now…

Even if we had to adjust our expectations (according to Mathias Brunet), we can be proud of one of Trevor Timmins’ last choices. Guhle is a great defender and I personally am very happy with the choice. “Guhle is a Homeron. »

And Robitaille is not a platform manager…

a lot of

Speaking of the Junior Championships, it will not be played with a full court.

– Logic.

Garrett Sparks honors Dennis Lemieux with his new mask. [HF]

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– Two players were released by the lions.

Poor thing.

Bad news in Toronto.