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David Reinbacher expected to make his NHL debut 'as early as the fall of 2024'

David Reinbacher expected to make his NHL debut 'as early as the fall of 2024'

David Reinbacher returned to Europe to continue his development last season.

The conditions were not necessarily favorable for his progress in Switzerland, as the Kloten team lived a year of misery.

However, the defender finished the season in the Rocket uniform and performed well.

The Austrian never looked like he was behind on the ice when he played with the Rocket, and that's the good news.

We wondered how he would adapt to the young ice, and although expectations were high when he arrived in Laval, he performed really well.

This allows us to believe that Reinbacher is “close” to the NHL… and allows us to believe that we may see him soon in Montreal.

If we trust In the words of Eric Engels (Sportsnet)At least Reinbacher can make his league debut next fall:

Canadian Reinbacher sent Reinbacher to Switzerland for one more season with Kloten, but he is expected to make his NHL debut as early as the fall of 2024. -Erik Engels

The fall semester will begin on September 22nd and end on December 21st.

In other words, Reinbacher could play his first NHL game before Christmas.

On the other hand, there is crowding on the CH blue line and Reinbacher will have to fight for his position even if he is selected with the fifth overall pick in 2023.

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This is where we will have a better idea of ​​his development.

The important thing for the Canadian is to make sure Reinbacher is ready for the big league before sending him into the wolf's den.

We saw in the past with the old management that some young guys played too fast in the NHL, which had an impact on their development… and we must not repeat the same mistake.

But the new management is not afraid to take their time and we saw that with Logan Maylox, who spent the entire last season in the MLS.

Step by step… because that's how David Reinbacher will become an excellent National League defender.

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