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The Canucks warned us not to underestimate them

The Canucks warned us not to underestimate them

vancouver | The Canucks have a lot of reprises in their previous days: they don't favor the Edmonton Oilers, but they don't have a chance to advance to the final chance. the East. We'll have to start believing them.

We wondered before the start of the series whether the intensity would rise significantly in this all-Canadian series, given the lack of history between the two teams. One thing is for sure, if the series is anything like the first game, the spectacle will be worth a few hours less sleep.

While almost everyone thought they were dead and buried, down 4-1 midway through the second period, the Canucks staged a stunning comeback thanks to two goals in 39 seconds late in the third period, saving the net. First win in the series.

The wind is shifting

When Zach Hyman made it 4-1 in the second period, you could have heard a pin drop in Rogers Arena. The crowd, which had been rowdy from the opening moments of the game, quickly cooled when the Canucks took a penalty for too many players on the ice just 40 seconds later, allowing the Oilers to take the lead thanks to Hyman's first goal.

But late in the second period, a lucky goal by Elias Lindholm gave hope to both the Canucks and the fans. JT Miller made it 4-3 midway through the third period, then Nikita Zadorov and Connor Garland scored 39 seconds apart late in the game to seal the win for the Canucks.

All this against an Oilers team that was much less decisive than the team that led by three goals.

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“We have to be better. The longer it goes on, the more momentum they gain and so does the crowd. We ran away, but we are still positive. We have to win by four goals,” said defender Vincent Desharnais after the match.

Don't panic

We could have expected a frustrated locker room, after such a heartbreaking setback, from the Oilers. on the contrary.

“It's a bit disappointing, and it would be a lie to say it's not, but that's how series go. We can learn from a situation like this. We started the season last in the league, then finished 6-7. I don't understand why We couldn't come back in a series we lost 1-0 […] If any team in the league is struggling this year, it's us. “I'm not too nervous that we'll be back,” Desharnais added.

After being beaten five times in 24 shots, goalkeeper Stuart Skinner did not appear to have lost his morale either.

“I thought I had a good game until the third minute, and even then, I thought I made some good saves. However, I didn't like the goal that Garland scored against me. […] I lacked patience on this play and got caught, but I learned my lesson.

Leon Magani

The Oilers got a scare in the second half when Draisaitl left about eight minutes before halftime without returning for the rest of the period. It's difficult to pinpoint the exact moment Draisaitl was injured, but it may have been caused by an innocuous contact with Tyler Myers, while the Oilers center was protecting the puck.

But the star player returned to the game in the third period, without looking completely comfortable, and on a few occasions showed signs of frustration.

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After the game, coach Chris Knoblauch reiterated the matter, stressing that it was just “spasm and equipment issues.”

He follows.