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Prince William is “disturbed” and “angry”: this madness that he finds difficult to bear with his wife

Prince William is “disturbed” and “angry”: this madness that he finds difficult to bear with his wife

The beginning of the year was particularly complicated for the British royal family. Indeed, King Charles III announced that he had cancer last February. A month later, Kate Middleton revealed that she was He is treated for cancer. A shocking announcement to the British who were very worried His health condition Since the beginning of the year.

As a reminder, a mother of three children was hospitalized Abdominal surgery In January. If she had indicated that she would not return to her duties before Easter, many rumors quickly spread. Conspiracy theories emerged after the couple's silence. Enough to touch Prince William.

Prince William has had a tantrum around his wife

In an interview with the magazine the peopleOn Wednesday, May 8, a former member of Prince William's staff spoke out about his mental state. And so he made it clear that he had He suffered from the craze of social networks About Kate Middleton. According to him, the 41-year-old was “annoyed” And “angry“With all the speculation surrounding his wife’s health condition.

For his part, royal correspondent Valentin Lu added on the topic The figure of the father of the family : “William is strong-minded and stubborn at times. This, combined with his focus on family life, will give him the backbone and strength to get through this ordeal“.

Kate Middleton's husband has decided to make his family his priority

Very affected by the rumors about Kate Middleton, the future king was finally going to decide “He ignores“For good reason, his priority today is the well-being of his wife, which continues to be the case Fight cancer. “William's priority is to give her all the time she needs to improve and support her, especially with the children“A source close to the couple indicated the people.

Despite illness, the Prince and Princess of Wales decided to do so Reduce disruption For their three children. George, Charlotte and Louis were able to enjoy their Easter break at Anmer Hall in Norfolk. Enough to allow the family to do so We meet in complete privacy.

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