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Cole Caufield wants to focus on his performance, not his next contract

Now that the Junior Tournament is over, it’s time for the real camp (in two days)

Yesterday, the Canadian nominees played their last game in the Hopes Championship. So they went back to Montreal for the next training camp.

Be aware, however, that beginner camp isn’t over yet. Tomorrow, the hopefuls will jump on the ice at 1:00 pm.

This means that today’s holiday (which was initially the CH golf tournament) is the last before CH training camp, which will begin on Wednesday on the sidelines of the players’ favorite day: the physical exams.

I can’t wait to see what prospects there will be in the real camp.

Starting Thursday, the snow camp will begin and the challenge will be to prepare the troops for the first (unofficial) prep match, the match between the Reds and the Whites.

This game will take place on Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Bell Center.

From there the preparatory matches begin. CH will play eight pre-season games (including four at the Bale Center) to prepare for hosting the Maple Leafs on October 12.

Here are the matches.

  • September 26th against the demons
  • September 28 in Toronto
  • September 29th vs Winnipeg
  • October 1 in Ottawa
  • October 3 vs Toronto
  • October 4 vs Ottawa
  • October 6 vs Ottawa (at the Maritimes)
  • October 8 vs Ottawa (at the Maritimes)
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Ah, the good old three match series against Senators…

Consequently, Martin St. Louis will be taking a hiatus from his first NHL training camp in his new role in order to lay the new foundations for the two clubs. During the bootcamp, we will be observing:

1. If Juraj Slafkovsky were to break through the squad.

2. If Sean Monahan, Paul Byron and Jonathan Drouin are in good health as of October 12. After all, if everyone was around (including Slave), there would be people congregating at the start of the season.

3. If the Canadians decide to start the year with 14 or 15 strikers. Compromises, injuries and deals can change the rules of the game, but at the moment, with 16 strikers, there are way too many players.

4. If some players start to feel like hot soup with extra attackers.

5. If the players who finished the season in a big way under Martin St. Louis – including Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki – would continue to build on that during camp.

6. If the new ones (including Kirby Dach) will adapt well.

7. If the Young Defenders (especially Kayden Gaul, Jordan Harris, and Justin Barron) are going to get a good camp, it’s a matter of forcing the administration to keep them in town from October 12th.

8. If some other player will exploit the holes in the defense to get a deep position. Corey Scheunemann is a name that comes to mind.

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