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Montreal fires coach Hernan Losada

Montreal fires coach Hernan Losada

“We were not on the same page at all after a year. “I didn’t see enough of the style of play that we wanted to do,” insisted Montreal’s vice president and head of sports management, Olivier Renard, a few hours after the head coach’s dismissal was announced. Hernán Losada’s team on Thursday.

“What we showed in Columbus during the last match of the season is very revealing of the situation,” Renard said during a meeting with reporters at the Nutrilight Center in the afternoon. I think we didn’t do everything we could to qualify ourselves. I’m not the only one who had this impression. My boss explained that as well. We would prefer to look elsewhere for the future.

But Olivier Renard made it clear that the hasty elimination of his team was not the reason for the dismissal of his coach and assistant, Sebastien City.

It’s much broader than that. We saw from the results that the players were disappointed with their relationship with the coach. But I will defend trainer. This happens even in good seasons, but they won’t complain. My decision is not the players’ decision. I took the temperature of the dressing room, but they weren’t the ones who decided that.

Losada had already been made aware of his superiors’ discontent for a long time.

He already knew. We’ve talked about this several times already. It didn’t seem like that to himadded Renard, who is now looking for Losada’s successor. The newcomer will be the team’s tenth coach since CF Montreal Multilateralin 2011.

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I’m looking for someone who fits the mold perfectly. A coach who can develop our young players. This is what I ask of him. We also get the best results because we have sporting ambitions with many Quebec players. This is what we want for the future.

These decisions are not surprising. Indeed, during FC Montreal’s end-of-season review, on October 24, Olivier Renard made no secret of his disappointment.

His club was excluded from the playoffs Multilateral After losing 2-1 to Columbus in the final game of the season, and after seeing the New York Red Bulls score a penalty kick in second-half stoppage time at the same time at Nashville Stadium.

This honesty shown by the Deputy Chief Sporting Director of the Blue National Team should, in itself, have caused a lot of ink to flow, but it was merely incidental to what was previously said into the microphone.

After Quebec players Mathieu Choiniere and Jonathan Sirois won individual awards, designated player Victor Wanyama inflamed the situation by openly blaming Losada for his lack of communication.

So, in theory, the 41-year-old Argentine was under contract for next season, but his future with the team was not guaranteed at all, which was confirmed by CFM.

Montreal’s eleven had trouble on the road throughout the campaign and posted a record of 2-13-2. Only Toronto FC, last in the standings Multilateralfared worse in this regard with a record of 0-13-4.

The 36 goals scored by Montreal this season dropped it to 25th place in the league in this regard, while its top scorer, Rommel Kyoto, last season was limited to only 13 matches.

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For the second time in a row, management will have to go through a hiring process for the next head coach. Wilfried Nancy, finalist for the title of Head Coach with Distinction at Multilateralleft Quebec City last December to join the crew.

Losada took charge of the team later that month after agreeing to a two-year contract with an option for a third year. He also managed DC United in 2021 and 2022.

With information from The Canadian Press