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Due to the confrontation between FECAFOOT and LE COQ SPORTIF, Yannick Noah attacked on the web

The former tennis player of Cameroonian descent is still finding strong defenders in the face of the wrath of Samuel Eto’o Fels supporters. Among them are director Jean-Pierre Piccolo and academic Matthias Eric Oona Ngeni.

This is the big TV series on social networks this weekend. The painting is already rife with the Yannick Noah-Samuel Eto’o case, which features anti-first publications. Texts written by supporters of the president of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) are drawn into a standoff with the equipment manufacturer (Le Coq Sportif) who has dismissed him, but upholds the former glory of French tennis. The reception of Yannick Noah, sometimes in the company of officials from this multinational company at the highest levels of power in Cameroon, was a boon to the ire of Eto’o’s supporters. Some target the former tennis player and privately question what he has actually done for his native Cameroon. Politician and supporter of Samuel Eto’o Phils Armand Notak was among the first to lit the fuse.

Here is what the history and geography teacher posted on Facebook on September 16, 2022:

“I love Yannick Noah,

He is also one of the rare artists who had to spend money to order an original recording from abroad … A talented artist, a world-famous athlete, we must realize that nature gave him everything. Having said that, I would like to know what he actually did to Cameroon… I might be wrong, but what did Yannick actually do to Cameroon? Does he at least know that there is a Cameroon Tennis Federation in Cameroon? Does he know that there are talented young tennis players who end up being anonymous to improve their talent? Can a young Cameroonian testify that he once benefited from any sporting support from Yannick? All his sports and musical titles, be it Roland Garros, the multiple music awards he won all as French, all titles reserved, donated to France. (Just a reminder).

In short, I’m just wondering. In any case, Yannick could be proud, many Cameroonians who say they are fighting for change curiously support him in his revolt against the 9… Very curious though…”

His fellow party member (MRC) Mathieu Yopi joined him on September 17, 2022 in another Facebook post. “The great Yannick Noah has never accompanied a Cameroonian, precisely because he thinks he is French, and is loved by complex Cameroonians”Political opponent books. Outraged by these statements, Cameroonian celebrities and others rushed to the defense of the retired French athlete.

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Professor Matthias Eric Oona Ngeni, director Jean-Pierre Piccolo, journalist Benjamin Zebazi, and human rights defender Joel Didier Ingo, to name a few, took their pens to play lawyers. Always on Facebook. Matthias Eric Oona Ngeni works to revive the memory of people with amnesia. The uneducated who, because they support Samuel Eto’o, think they are empowered to discredit Yannick Noah, know little about the history of Cameroon’s fate. Cameroon enthusiastically celebrated Yannick Noah’s win at Roland Garros against Mats Wheeler!!! Since they don’t cultivate themselves, they don’t know it!!! They don’t know that Noah once again paid tribute to Cameroon by starting his music career with his famous song “Saga Africa” ​​which was a huge hit in the summer of 1991 in France”. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Yaounde 2 calls for respect for an icon he finds mediocre. ” he is You have to respect Yannick Noah!!! Do you know how many African billionaires in the West agree to leave their castles in these supposed lands in which they abound to return to be a clan or village chief in Africa? Noah, like every human being, has weaknesses, but he is a modern hero.

Jean-Pierre Piccolo, for his part, denounces the hatred and rejection of the other, which he sees in the attacks on Noah. “What Cameroonians write about Yannick Noah on the pretext of supporting Samuel Eto’o breaks my heart. There is nothing else to say, it is neither more nor less than racism. No, the ethnic or racial origins of an individual should not be the publication by which a person is defined and even less than Judging him. Reading what I just read, it is clear that Cameroonians are racists. How could it be otherwise if racism was just an extension of the tribalism that is now common in our country?” The director is worried.

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Yannick Noah’s response to the energetic controversy born thus. Invited on Saturday by host journalist Eric Christian Nia as part of a program registered at the French Institute, Antenna Yaoundé. “Samuel Eto’o is my little brother. If there is a problem, we sit down and talk.”did he say.