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Mr. Dobby, don’t cut the hospital pizza

Mr. Dobby, don’t cut the hospital pizza

Best fast food on crushed mashed potatoes in our hospitals. There, it is said.

The former may not be good for physical health, but it can be good for morale, from time to time of course.

I admit it, when I want to indulge and let myself go, I don’t choose between baby carrots and celery.

I’m going All in: extra cheeseburger with poutine and a good cold cola.

I’m not encouraging anyone to follow my example, but oh my god this is good for my soul.

Now that we’ve all been playing an upset virgin to see that there are still junk food products in the cafeterias of health establishments, that we’ve cried ugly, that our shirts have been ripped, let’s be honest with us—until two minutes is up.

Imagine if, in a moment of weakness, the government wanted to “educate” you on the importance of eating well by shoving beets and carrots down your throat.

It’s like…not the right time.

And that we understand each other very well. It is important to have the majority of “healthy” options. To provide fresh and healthy products. But for God’s sake, now is not the time to chase hospital sausage.

More unfortunately we are spoiled with the cafeteria selections than the trays on display on the floors of these same establishments. Having stayed several times in hospitals in Quebec, I have, on more than one occasion, asked my family to bring me a slice of pizza from the establishment’s cafeteria to relieve the sad staircase given to me as a meal.

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It seems to me that on Secretary Dobby’s priority list, cutting my slice of pizza should come last.