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Salary increase classifications: Up to 70% increase for senior civil servants who have been promoted

Salary increase classifications: Up to 70% increase for senior civil servants who have been promoted

Many senior civil servants are benefiting from generous salary increases of up to 16% this year. This increase reaches 70% for state employees who receive a promotion, such as the new president of the SAQ.

Jacques Farsi easily wins the top job holder award after benefiting from the biggest pay rise in 2023-24.

The former president and CEO of the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) saw his salary rise from $311,000 to $528,000 last year, not counting the bonuses he will receive in these new positions. This is much more than her predecessor, Catherine Dagenais, who earned $466,000 a year, before bonuses.

The pay of former Deputy Minister François Legault, Yves Ouellet, also increased by 28% after his appointment as CEO of the Financial Markets Authority last summer. Dominique Savoie, who now supports the Prime Minister, has also benefited from increased working conditions after she left Christian Dube's team on the Executive Council.

Secretary General and Clerk of the Executive Board Dominique Savoie.

Archive photo, Simon Clarke

The move from Eric Kier's ministry to health will also be lucrative for senior civil servant Kathleen Munger. As assistant deputy minister on Christian Dube's team, she now earns $228,000 annually, an approximately 22% increase in her compensation.

Dominique Valéry Malac was appointed senior head of the Quebec French language office at the end of February, and now earns $216,000 a year. This is approximately 16% more than her salary as assistant deputy minister at the French Language Ministry.

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The former president of the CAQ is not to be outdone

Former MP and ex-president of the CAQ Stephane Le Bouinonc is not to be outdone. He was first appointed by François Legault's Executive Board, and was able to benefit from a raise of more than 12% this year. He is now deputy minister of cybersecurity and digital affairs, receiving approximately $254,000.

Paul-Portrait-Jack Farsi-CEO-SAC

Photography by Marc-Andre Gagnon

But even without a promotion, many civil service leaders will see their pay rise significantly this year. Assistant Deputy Minister for State Model Affairs in the Ministry of Jean-François Roberge, Genevieve Lajoie – not to be confused with the author of these lines – received a raise of $30,000 in one year.

About a hundred of the state's top officials benefited from a 5% or more increase in their basic salaries in 2023-24, figures updated yesterday by the government showed.

Legault now earns $270,000

Let us remember that, in addition to senior government employees, representatives and ministers will benefit this year from an increase in their wages of no less than 30%, which is what they voted for last June.

So François Legault saw his salary increase from $208,000 to more than $270,000 to lead Quebec. The remuneration of its ministers now amounts to more than 230 thousand annually.

Last year, it was the Prime Minister's right-hand man who topped the list for the biggest pay rises. Martin Koskinen, the CAQ president's loyal companion, received a raise of $71,000 in one year, bringing him to a base salary of more than $300,000.

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List of salary increases for senior government employees

name body job 2024 2023 % He increases
Persian Jack Quebec Liquor Association Member of the Board of Directors and CEO 528215 311006 70%*
Yves Ouellet Financial Markets Authority Member of the Board of Directors and CEO 494422 387580 28%*
Dominique Savoy Ministry of the Executive Council Secretary General and Registrar 387580 310,063 25%*
Kathleen Munger Ministry of Health and Social Services Assistant Undersecretary of the General Administration of Finance, Resource Allocation and Budget 228,642 187,657 22%*
Dominique Valerie Malac Quebec French Language Office Member and CEO 216,587 187,521 16%*
Genevieve Lajoie Ministry of the French Language Assistant Undersecretary for the State Model Sector 216,587 187,521 16%
Jesse Barron Ministry of Tourism Deputy Minister 227,416 196,897 15%*
Dominic Marcotte Ministry of International Relations and Francophonie Assistant Undersecretary and Chief of Protocol 158,674 138,899 14%
Philip Atheer Center for integrated health and social services in Lanaudière Member of the Board of Directors and CEO 224,792 198 159 13%
Nadine Koussa Legal Services Committee Member and Vice President (Lawyer) 178,448 158,415 13%
Stephane Le Puyunk Ministry of Cyber ​​and Digital Security Deputy Minister and Head of Information Department 253,942 226 140 12%*
Alexander Vezina Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy Assistant Undersecretary for Regional Economic Development and Entrepreneurship 185,905 166,420 12%*

* The person changed his position and/or organization during the year.

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