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A 10-cent tip on a $30 bill makes Lachute react

A 10-cent tip on a $30 bill makes Lachute react

A post on the Spotted Lashout Facebook page had its share of backlash.

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The post is accompanied by a photo of a March 29 transaction in which a customer tipped a 10-cent tip to the delivery person, on a $29.90 bill.

“Sad to see that we are in a society like this…leave this kind of advice especially during delivery,” can read by the author of the viral post after it amassed over 1,600 comments.

Many citizens were indignant that low tips were still given to delivery men and women.

“It’s a disgusting attitude from consumers towards tipping, especially on delivery,” said one lady.

“It’s more common than you think and it’s a shame […]. “

Others are of the opinion that the tip amount given to an employee should remain at the discretion of the customer.

“Goes with the service… bad service = bad advice. Another citizen said, “Tipping has become almost mandatory, and there are those who have forgotten what a tip is, and those who take it for granted.”

The post does not indicate the identity of the delivery person or restaurant in question.

The minimum wage rate is currently $11.40 an hour in Quebec. It will increase to $12.20 per hour starting May 1, 2023.

The regular minimum wage will increase to $15.25 an hour beginning May 1.

Remember that “spotted” pages have multiplied in recent years on social networks. These pages allow citizens to express themselves on topics that affect a place, such as a municipality or a school, without revealing their identity.

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