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'Mona Lisa' window sprayed at Louvre Museum in Paris: environmentalists will have to pay a contribution

'Mona Lisa' window sprayed at Louvre Museum in Paris: environmentalists will have to pay a contribution

The two environmental activists who sprayed soup on the armored glass protecting the “Mona Lisa” painting, Sunday morning at the Loure Museum in Paris, will be presented to a judge who will suggest that they pay a citizen's contribution to an aid association for the international community. The Paris prosecutor's office said Monday.

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These two women said they moved for “the right to healthy and sustainable food” and denounced the “sick agricultural system.”

A group called “Food Riposte” claimed responsibility for this work, and said it was leading “a French civil resistance campaign aimed at bringing about radical change in society at the climate and social level,” in a press release sent to AFP.

The two activists were arrested and placed in police custody on charges of destroying confidential or recorded property.

France Press agency

At the end of their period in police custody, “a fine was imposed on the two individuals for entering or remaining in a museum in France, belonging to a public person or a private person carrying out a mission of public interest, including entry prohibited.” Or it was organized superficially, because it exceeded the safe space designated in front of the painting.”

This violation is punishable by a fine of 1,500 euros.

She added that the activists, for example, “are today before a delegation from the Public Prosecution, with the aim of citizen participation,” which is an alternative to judicial prosecution.

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The Louvre Museum confirmed to Agence France-Presse on Sunday that “the work has not suffered any damage.”

According to the museum, the two women hid pumpkin soup in a coffee thermos.

The famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, which has been on display behind armored protective glass since 2005, has been the victim of vandalism several times. In May 2022, for example, he was the target of a cream pie.