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'Cabinet maker to the stars' dreams of TV in Quebec

'Cabinet maker to the stars' dreams of TV in Quebec

Patrick Laperriere, aka Pat Lap or Canadian Pat, can now add a title to his collection: “Cabinet maker to the stars.” A woodturner was unveiled in Quebec in 2022 in a Netflix show HarnessesHe dreams of a show in which he plays off local artists. “I find that renewal or Organizing the house “They often lack creativity and fun,” says the friendly bearded man.

In the spring of 2022, the family show Harnesses (Fun makers) made a name for itself, because there were five bearded men who made unusual things based on original ideas of children.

The Netflix show “Making Fun” will be released in spring 2022.

Image courtesy of Netflix

Along with four Americans, we found Quebec native Patrick Laperrière, nicknamed “Canadian Pat” on the show. In addition to being the clown of the group, he did not hesitate to make occasional one-liners in Quebec, under the skeptical gaze of his comrades.

Nearly two years later, even if Netflix has never ordered a second season (“It's radio silence on their part”), Patrick Laperrière hasn't closed the door on TV projects. He even wants to spend part of 2024 developing different concepts for Quebec.

Patrick Laperriere Mike Ward

With his big beard, Patrick Laperrière does not go unnoticed.

Courtesy photo

And he already has the title of his dream show: Cabinet maker to the stars. “I would like this to happen to an artist, Fabien Cloutier for example, and for him to tell me that he has to cut down a tree in his yard, but he doesn't want to get rid of it because it's the tree from his grandfather. And from it we would make the kitchen table,” explains Patrick.

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“I'm really interested in doing a funny show about DIY, DIY,” says the man, who graduated from the National School of Humor in 2013. “In Quebec, I find it really interesting. […] A show where we paint Julie's ugly room and make her think this is unbelievable. I think there will be a way to bring… torsion till then.”

Mike Ward and Sam Britton

With his friendly face and wood-handling talents, Patrick Laperrière soon saw his name spread among UDA members. Mike Ward asked him to design three tables for his podcast shows Listen.

Sam Britton commissioned him to make a bench for his first solo show, To the top and to the shovel. Thomas Levac and Phil Roy also entrusted him with furniture repair. “Every time a comedian needs something, he calls me!” He says, laughing.

Patrick Laperriere Mike Ward

With comedian Phil Roy.

Photo courtesy Patrick Laperriere

During the holiday season, Patrick Laperrière also participated in a capsule broadcast during Ciné-Cadeau, on Télé-Québec. We saw him making a cardboard house with two children, including Vincent's son Leonard (Les Denis Drolet). “I would like to do a project with children where we unleash their creativity,” he says.

Patrick Laperriere Mike Ward

Patrick Laperrière, also known as Bat Lap, in a capsule for Ciné-Cadeau.

Photo courtesy Tele Quebec