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Modern and bright house on the banks of the Mille-les

Modern and bright house on the banks of the Mille-les

Light wood with shades of blue and gray evoking a nearby river creates a relaxing atmosphere. The house also has a surprise hidden for us: it has two picturesque garages, one for the lady and one for the gentleman!

Stéphanie Nolin and her wife bought this house in 2008. Some time ago, they asked designer Isabelle Viau to update the property, increase the brightness and create a cozy atmosphere. “We wanted to feel the essence of nature and make the most of the view of the Rivier de Mille Ile, which is nearby,” explains Stephanie.

The work consisted first of equipping the garages, then the ground floor, and finally the first floor. We’ve worked a lot on the sections. “By removing barriers and changing the configuration of certain rooms, we allowed the light to diffuse better while directing the gaze toward the water,” says the designer. By choosing furniture with clean lines, shades of blue, light wood, and black accents, I was able to give this interior a current and calm look.

Living room

Drew Hadley

The new Linear Foyer can be seen from anywhere on the ground floor. The surrounding terrazzo effect colors reflect those in the water, as does the living room rug. To maximize space, the designer created a multifunctional unit: in addition to placing the TV and integrating storage, it partially isolates the adjacent kitchen and dining area.

Drew Hadley

Window fittings and covers Isabelle Viau, Designer, DécoStyle Design • sofa for two EQ3 • glass coffee table Corbel House • Wooden Cylindrical Side Tables hiccup • custom tv stand DecoStyle Design (Design); Ébénisterie Bercier (Production) • Dimplex stove Mirabel Foyers • Ceramic (fireplace cladding) Ramaseri Soligo • Suspension original lighting • pillows Designed by DécoStyle • Accessories and vases HomeSense • carpet • the plants the present

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Kitchen and dining area

Drew Hadley

The kitchen is one of the only rooms that has not been touched yet. “We simply made sure it was well integrated into the rest of the design,” says Isabelle Viau, who also addressed the white and wood idea for this space throughout the house.

Massive furniture is combined in the dining area and a very light chandelier. This lamp, like the hanging lamp in the living room, adds a subtle decorative touch without obscuring the landscape.

table Germain LaRiver • chairs Gautier Furniture • chandelier luminous kingdom

the stairs

Drew Hadley

The designer transformed the classic staircase into a contemporary element: sandblasted oak tones have regained their natural color; risers are painted white; Black glass and steel railings were installed. Backlit ramp highlights this area in the evening.

Near the staircase is a cantilevered piece of furniture that covers the missing corner and provides additional storage space. Above it is a round mirror shaped like a chandelier in the adjacent kitchen.

Staircase DecoStyle Design (Design); Construction Steve Dufour (Manufacturing) • glass balustrade Glazier BV • custom console DecoStyle Design (Design); Ébénisterie Bercier (Production) • Mirror

Drew Hadley

Tablets IKEA • Suspension shining kingdom • Tires against the wall • Red oak parquet Laval Floor Warehouse

Guests room

Drew Hadley

The landlady outfitted the room in neutral shades of gray, white, and cream. Thus, the atmosphere is very subtle, and is simply highlighted by some black accents. To make everything cozy, she married matching textures and patterns.

Small touches are appreciated by guests, a basket with extra furnishings and a cushioned chair to relax in before going to bed.

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bed furniture • Bedside table and carpet hiccup • upholstered chair Hudson Bay • Floor lamp, bedding, cushions and frame • a store By DécoStyle Design

master bedroom

Drew Hadley

“The furniture, which was actually chosen, inspired me to choose the colors,” says the designer. Painted in steel blue, the headboard wall produces a porthole effect. The wooden strip, which was intended to hide the curtain header, has been kept, but painted white like the walls to allow the panorama to take center stage.

Punctuated by a warm rust reminiscent of bedside tables, a large rug enhances the desired cozy atmosphere.

Bed and bedside tables Mobican • pendant lights shining kingdom • Bespoke white duvet cover, rug and wall decor Designed by DécoStyle • pillows West Elm, • thrown • Decoration Accessories West elm, anthropology, region

The Enter

Drew Hadley

The Enter From the owner it was already furnished, but we asked Isabel Viau to give it a great effect! Very feminine. The floor was covered in carpet tiles in a modern style and included a luxurious tufted ottoman and a gold chandelier in a glossy finish.

storage IKEA • Ottoman • chandelier Multiple lighting carpet Lilting

the toilet

Drew Hadley

The development of a bathroom corresponding to the wishes of the owners requires an extension. The room had to be equipped with shower and bathtub, double vanity unit, vanity area and separate toilet.

“Everything has been thought of based on the items the owner needs, such as the drawers for their accessories and mirrors with adjustable LED lighting,” the designer says. The black and gold finish of the faucets and accessories, along with Corian gray countertops and white quartz countertops, create a luxurious décor.

Melamine vanity with wood effect and white polymer DecoStyle Design (Design); Ébénisterie Bercier (Production) • white concrete washbasins tangible element Monaco bathtub with Neptune, Barel and Brezzo taps Bloomerium area • Ceramic Ramaseri Soligo • poop DecoStyle Design (Design); Arrebeuri (plated metal base) • Ottoman furniture • mirrors Paris mirror • chandelier shining kingdom • candelabra Multiple lighting LED mirror lighting Renault Depot • Decoration Accessories Anthropology,

Drew Hadley

Madame’s garage

Drew Hadley

Stéphanie’s garage, complete with a workbench, ample solid storage, two refrigerators, a sink and a dog grooming area, is a dream come true! “Since she wanted to be able to wash her car there, we covered the floor with epoxy, which we put in a red line to install,” Isabel Viau identifies.

Drew Hadley

lockers DecoStyle Design (Design); Ébénisterie Bercier (Production) • Slatwall Workbench Designed by DécoStyle • ceramic walls Ramaseri Soligo • Ladder Richelieu devices • Wall Decal Workshop DecoStyle Design (Design); Dgraphx (realization) • epoxy floor with cutout Emard Flooring

Gentleman’s garage

Drew Hadley

The Caveman It’s often found in the basement…well here in the garage! The owner wanted an unusual place to welcome his friends who love the outdoors, hunting and fishing. So his car stayed outside, making way for an oversized island.

In storage, each compartment is reserved for a specific product, while the top of the wall is reserved for an unusual set of prizes for this enthusiast. The result is incredible.

Wall and island storage DecoStyle Design (Design); Ébénisterie Bercier (Production) • light shining kingdom • carpet