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MLB: Charles Leblanc gets his first career success

MLB: Charles Leblanc gets his first career success

After six seasons in the minor leagues, Charles LeBlanc finally earned a baptism of fire in Major League Baseball with the Miami Marlins Saturday night… 4-0 against the New York Mets.

After two visits to the board where Carlos Carrasco took him with three strokes, Leblanc finally solved the Mets’ right-hand kick by hitting a strong double near the right field boundary line, in Carrasco’s first showing, after two wins. circular.

Double for Leblanc’s first hit

That hit from Leblanc ended Carrasco’s night on the job. However, LeBlanc showed his inexperience when caught between second and third bases by a throw from catcher Thomas Nido to Francesco Lindor.

Trapped, LeBlanc headed to third base, but was eventually taken out when Lindor sent the ball to Eduardo Escobar, which ended the inning.

Nido somehow got his revenge on Leblanc, who may have denied him an injury in the first half of the seventh inning.

On a rebound that seemed to want to slip between him and the short Miguel Rojas, Leblanc, who was playing third base, moved first to his left to catch the ball.

He quickly got back on his feet and calmly passed the ball in time to first base captain Wayne Diaz to take out Nido.

83 and number nine, Leblanc made his debut on the board as the Marlins’ first racket in the second half of the third inning.

Torn through the air on Carrasco’s first two shots, LeBlanc then watched a shot pass from the inside corner for a third hit.

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Leblanc offered a better fight on his second visit to the board after two wins late in the fifth inning and with teammate Nick Fortis at first base, after an on-court injury.

Confronted with no ball counting and two hits, Leblanc was able to lead Carrasco to a full count. However, LeBlanc was surprised to roll the ball into the inner corner, at knee height, giving Carrasco his sixth stroke of the match.

The 26-year-old Leblanc was called up by the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Marlins at the AAA level on Friday.

In 87 games for the Ranch Marlins in 2022, Leblanc scored a batting average of 302, with 14 homers, 45 RBIs, and six stolen bases.

LeBlanc was a fourth-round pick for the Texas Rangers in 2016.

The Mets scored three of their runs by teammates, Jeff McNeil in the third, and Lindor and J.D. Davis, both in the eighth.

Leblanc makes his presence felt with his glove

In the thirty-seven innings, Carrasco (11-4) allowed four hits and walked two times in addition to seven hits. So, this is his 100th win of his career.

Seth Lugo scored the last four goals.

The loss went to Nick Niedert (0-1), who picked up two and five times in five rounds.