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Matthias Norländer doesn't waste time with the rocket

Matthias Norländer doesn’t waste time with the rocket

In his first game since loaned to Laval Rocket from the Montreal Canadiens, defender Matthias Norlender reached the goal of the 3-2 victory over the Manitoba Moss on Wednesday night at Place Belle.

After distributing the ball well with Kevin Roy in a power game, the Swede fired a shot into the wrist that outpaced Michael Berden. The final goal of the second half, the first for Norrlander this season, put the Rocket back on track.

The Moose took advantage of one of the rare fatal errors in the Kayden Primo match to equalize the score earlier in the second half. Greg Meirelles’ shot went past the goalkeeper and Jeff Mallot jumped in the second leg.

Combined with this small incident, Primo was solid with 39 saves, allowing his team to beat the Manitoba squad for the second time this season. At the end of the match, when the Moose pulled his guard early enough in favor of a sixth skater, the American succumbed to a perfect shot from David Gustafson.

After helping Norlender open his Laval counter, Roy himself inserts the needle into the third period. Brandon Gignac helped him a lot up front, coming quickly to the cage before surprising Bearden with a quick entry throw for his teammate.

Alex Pelzel was the other top scorer for Jean-Francois Houle’s men. His 33rd goal in a rocket outfit is the franchise’s all-time high. Quebec shared this record with teammate Lucas Videmo and Chris Terry, with the latter scoring 32 goals in one season, in 2017-2018.

The Habs School Club will move to Rochester to cross with the Americans on Friday.

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