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Joshua Roy, Riley Kidney and Owen Beck have been invited to ECJ Development Camp

Joshua Roy and Riley Kidney have a very good chance to join ECJ in August

The announcement of the resumption of the World Junior Championships in August greatly satisfied not only all aspiring youngsters, but also hockey fans around the world.

In fact, it’s always a great event to watch, especially for NHL fans, because it allows them to see some of their team’s potential in action.

The Montreal Canadiens supporters, could be more excited for this tournament because of all the hopes their team could have had.

However, the vast majority of those possibilities will not exist, and this is true of many teams.

For CH, one can think, among other things, of Juraj Slavkovsky and Philip Misar. Kaiden Guhle may also miss the WJC.

In short, the further the weeks progress, the less and less exciting this tournament promises to be. There won’t be many big names to prepare for NHL training camps.

It’s a shame on the show, it’s obvious, but for other hopefuls, it’s a great opportunity.

In fact, for prospects like Joshua Roy and Riley Kidney among others, the door is wide open for a place on the Canada Junior Team.

With all the hopefuls announcing that they will not be going to WJC, the guests of the CEJ camp now have a very good chance of making the official roster for the tournament.

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Anyway, it bodes well especially for Joshua Roy, who unfortunately was part of WJC’s last ECJ cut in December before it was scrapped.

CH did very well in camp, but there were plenty of good possibilities, forcing the ECJ leaders to make very difficult cuts.

This time around, even though all the candidates for the December tournament were there, Roy had a very good chance of making the team after his massive 119-point season in QMJHL.

In Kidney’s case, the absence of many strong prospects gives him a very good chance of making it to CJT’s final roster. CH Prospect also had a very good season in QMJHL, scoring exactly 100 points.

Among the list of guests who did not take part in the ECJ Evaluation Camp “brawls” and who were unharmed is Nahtan Ghoche, who was the first pick of the Anaheim Ducks (22nd overall) in the last round. Draft.

According to Corey Bronman, the five strikers mentioned in his tweet all stand a very good chance of making the final CJT roster for the tournament.

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