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Matthew Barron has seen The Indefensible Impact all summer long

Matthew Barron has seen The Indefensible Impact all summer long

The future of Mathieu Baron’s character in the daily Indefendable is, as we know, more than uncertain.

In fact, in the Season 1 finale, police officer Maxime Dubois intervenes during a shootout, putting himself in grave danger. Recent photos have shown us her lover, Marie-Anne Desjardins (Anne-Élisabeth Bossuet), hearing gunshots while talking to her husband on the phone.

Met during the launch of Bell’s specialty channels, Matthew Barron Obviously, he couldn’t confirm whether or not it was his return to everyday life.

On the other hand, he assured us that he tested the effect all summer long It is indefensible viewers’ enthusiasm.

When asked if this summer he was asked if his character would return, he amusedly replied: “ À tous les days, à tous les endroits, that ce soit à l’épicerie, à la gas station, sur l’autoroute dans the traffic… It’s not a pas une journée qui pass sans que je me fasse poser the question. »

Of course, we’ll have to wait for the Season 2 premiere, on Sept. 11 at 7 p.m. on TVA, to find out the answer.

However, producer Charles Lafortune told us about this.

In the same interview, Mathieu Barron discussed one of his projects this fall, the shooting of which was particularly emotional, as well as his new love interest.

Note that this sordid story will return in Season 2 of Indefensible.

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