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Pearl, by Bobby Pazzini: An Album with South American Flavors

Pearl, by Bobby Pazzini: An Album with South American Flavors

Singer Bobby Pazzini likes to compare his artistic journey to forming a pearl in a shell.

The Laurentians singer, who was formerly a Universal Music label protégé, felt it was time to explore his musical independence.

“Maybe the best years of my life were with Universal,” he cares to specify. “But, like a pearl that forms in its shell, at some point is ready to come out,” imagines the person who premiered some of the songs from this new album a little earlier this year, during the Quebec Summer Festival.

He is therefore surrounded by local artists, for the first time in his career in Quebec, and greatly inspired by the work of Joao Gilberto, a legend in the world of music in Brazil, who was born Bobby Pazzini Pearl, the fifth chapter of his career, was presented on the Spectra Musique label. Armed with a smoother style with exotic jazz flavours, his new creations will transport you to the most beautiful beaches of South America.

Newspaper It was a pleasure listening to the album for the first time and assures you that the sound it delivers will add a few weeks of warmth to your summer.

What is the best context for listening to this album?

I tend to say on the car ride, because that’s where I listened to the most. On the other hand, Connor’s mother [Seidel]The producer of the album told me she could see herself listening to it on the waterfront in Europe with a glass of white wine!

If you have a proverb or expression to associate with your project?

I say “everything comes at the right time for those who know how to wait.” It reminds me of the process of making pearls. It took all of my albums to do this.

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Just in terms of sound, in what form do you prefer your new opus?

I would say vinyl. In the creative process, we talked as if the album was created for this model. Personally, I buy a lot of vinyl; I love the sound, but also the pictures on these discs.

What are the musical instruments you most associate with your album?

I’ll go with the classical guitar. When I think about the process of creating the album, I see myself in the studio with Connor, the two of them sitting in silence playing guitars.

If you only have one room style to play your album?

The ideal would be to be able to set up venues like MTelus in Montreal all over the world. I think the album is best listened to in small spaces and that there should be closeness to the audience, but also a lot of atmosphere.

  • Bobby Pazzini will release his new album Pearl on August 25th and will defend it on Quebec soil on November 25th and 1stany December, in Montreal and Quebec.