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This comedian will soon appear on STAT

A comedian and host beloved by the public will soon emerge STATover the next few days.

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As we know, in addition to the core of the main cast, many other actors and extras come to distribute the plot, and it so happens that viewers can recognize familiar faces. This will be the case soon, when Stefan Valo appears there.

Martin Alary/Journal de Montreal/QMI AGENCY

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We know him as a comedian and as a host, but not as an actor, so the question arises of how he came to incorporate the daily life of Canada Radio.

So, we have to go back to the last few weeks, when fellow broadcasters, Jeff Boudrault And Marie-Christine Proulxchallenged him to play it STAT.

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This Thursday, in a microphone FM rhythm Where he co-hosted the morning show, the comedian returned to his experiment. So we learn Stefan has slipped, for the occasion, into a nurse’s skin. A rather simple stage show for him, since he had already practiced this profession before embarking on jest. This is the role of the formation, so he will not have an exact copy.

In addition, the trio received, At the end of the display product line, Fabienne of ThronesAnd Which mentioned that the comedian was a good player and very professional on the set. Own anecdote, Fabian and Stefan said that they actually met in the hospital, when the latter was working there.

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On the station’s Instagram account, Stéphane shared stories filmed from the day he snuck onto the set, including one with him Stefan Russowho plays Eric, the beneficiary attendee.

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We don’t know exactly when we’ll be able to see Stefan Valo STATso stay tuned!

do not miss STAT Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m., on Radio Canada.


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