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Filming the Les Boys Films: Unpublished Tales Told by the Actors

Filming the Les Boys Films: Unpublished Tales Told by the Actors

Did you know that Paul Hood got the famous role of Fernand Serbière de Bois, thanks to a little “professional lying” from his wife, who is also his agent? This is the kind of stories that Newspaper Collected from the actors and creators of the films, potentially chronicled through the 25 Years Special children Podcast pocket blueas part of ComediHa!.

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understandable father says childrenRichard Goudreau with Paul Howdy in a video call with Newspaper.

One morning, we were shooting boys 3 or 4And we had a problem with the production,” he began. “I gathered all the boys in the room, took out the whole technical team, locked the door and talked to them privately,” he says, without going into detail. “That’s when I said to myself: The offense is the same on a hockey team. Real.”

“professional lie”

Paul Howdy, who will be the special guest of pocket blue This Sunday, he was sitting comfortably on the beach when he read the script for the first film from children, was released in 1997. The role he was initially assigned was limited to voice-overs, but the actor had so many laughs upon first reading of the script that his wife and agent, Francine Audit, took it a step further. White Lie to get another role.

“Francine called me to tell me: Richard, Paul is laughing on the beach, you have to give him another turn!” Mr. Goudreau remembers. “She said to me there: You know, Paul kept goals when he was young,” says the producer, who still believes that to be true even after filming begins. “I believed in him for a long time; he couldn’t do any worse and he really looked like A.J A goal keeper! he remembers laughing.

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“Professional liar,” he just snaps at Mr. Hoody, his shoulders bouncing slightly.

Exchange signatures between stars and legends

Réal Béland, who will also be on stage with Paul Houde and Michel Charette at the 25th anniversary of children provided by the podcast pocket blue and ComediHa!, syndicated with Newspaper The most important story of his time with boys.

“Shooting with the legends on Movie 4; we all wanted autographs from the stars, so Richard Goudreau went to ask them,” the actor and humorist writes. “He came back to the room saying they wanted us to sign, too.”

This tale, Richard Goudreau remembers as if it were yesterday.

“This is my best story about filming a movie children“, he says, without hesitation. “When I went into the Legends locker room to ask them if they wanted to sign the boys’ jerseys, Raymond Bourque hit me to ask if the boys could sign the Legends’ jerseys,” says Mr. Goudreau.

“I had teary eyes. I realized respect and admiration from both groups [les Boys et les Légendes] It was one for the other,” confirms the person who sold the concept boys to ComediHa! in 2020.

Duplicates of both teams’ jerseys had to be used afterwards, since the shoot wasn’t quite finished when all of the signatures were put on the original jerseys.

Legends didn’t mind

Paul Howdy admits he was afraid he’d end up on the injured list while filming Season 4 children. Especially when the late Guy Lafleur was part of the scenes.

“man [Lafleur] I played one way, and it was at full speed,” notes the guy who kept the Les Boys goals. “Once, he fired a fierce shot from the blue line that passed close to my mask before making a racket when it hit the bay window,” he says. “Richard jumped onto the ice.” To say: Guy! I stopped! If you hurt the actors, we won’t have a movie anymore! the actor recalled, while Monsieur Goudreau died of laughter on the other side of the screen.

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“We had to constantly remind him that we were making a movie and that he wasn’t a real part; that says a lot about the competitive guy that Guy Lafleur was.”

Stefan Richer also did not spare Fernand’s bad character between scenes. The former No. 44 of the Canadiens was enjoying pounding the goalie, but the power of his shot was enough to scare off the movie set boss.

“I had to remove Paul from the goal; he was trying to stop Stefan Richer’s shots from the blue line.” “I know the actors are insured if they get hurt, but still!” Flirting.