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Look out this evening: The northern lights will be visible in Quebec

Look out this evening: The northern lights will be visible in Quebec

The spectacular northern lights caused by a magnetic storm on the sun's surface can be observed across the province and across North America this evening.

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The large eruption emanating from the sun on March 23 marks the appearance of the aurora borealis on the night of Monday, March 25 to Tuesday, March 26, possibly starting on Sunday.

These solar flares send a stream of particles toward Earth, creating stunning auroras in both hemispheres. In Quebec, the northern lights will be visible.

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Storms are caused by coronal mass ejections, when clouds of plasma from the atmosphere erupt outside the sun. The particles travel toward Earth, creating a shimmering spectacle when they collide with Earth's magnetic field.

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The stronger the storm, the farther away from the North and South Poles the aurora appears. On Sunday evening, the electromagnetic storm had already reached the G4 level, which was described as “severe,” according to the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA).

Northern lights hunting

Solar particles released during this eruption arrived last night. A few frustrated people tried in vain to see the Northern Lights in Quebec; Maybe they'll have better luck tonight.

The Kp will be around 5 between 8pm and 11pm this evening. To see them, move away from urban centers and head north. Then let your eyes adjust to the darkness and look at the sky toward the north.

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This light phenomenon occurs on the night of a penumbral lunar eclipse, which will be visible all over the world, but may spoil the view of the northern lights.

Monday, March 25, also coincides with the day of the full moon, the brightness of which helps us better perceive astronomical events. good luck!