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Top 100 Restaurants in Canada |  My bunny is always on top

Top 100 Restaurants in Canada | My bunny is always on top

According to Canada's Top 100 Restaurants list, the country's “best” restaurant is in Montreal. The “Rabbit” table, a table as austere as it is festive, comes in first place for the second year in a row, underscoring diners’ current preference for relaxed experiences.

Vanja Filipovic and Alex Landry, co-owners of Mon Lapin, were also named sommeliers of the year.

Montreal also has Bar Chef of the Year 2024, Kate Bushell, from the Barroco group. About thirty other restaurants in Quebec are in the top 100. We note for example that Beba, a small and somewhat secret restaurant in Verdun (so much so that it was “forgotten” in previous years) comes in eighth place.

Photo by Dominique Gravelle, Press Archive


New arrivals Sabaya (79H) and Cassavant (87H) are on both the Big List and the Top 10 New Restaurants list.

In Quebec, Tanier 3 (60H) and ARVI (89H) Recognized. The same applies to some tables outside the main centres: La hut d'à passant (32H), Auberge Saint Mathieu (58H) Waspas Old Mill (91H).

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