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Apex Legends Mobile APK, can we install it on Android and iOS? – Break Flip

Apex Legends Mobile is available in some countries and APK files are already loaded, but can we download them? We give you the answer.

Mobile version ofApex Legends Currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia, but not yet in France.

Since the game is now available on iOS and Android, some people are looking forward to it Download APK version From Battle Royale. However, Respawn Entertainment, the developers specify that downloading this type of file is not recommended.

Do not download Apex Legends Mobile in APK version

Some players are wondering if you can download Apex Legends Mobile in APK version on iOS and Android. If this is your case, The answer is no on both Android and iOS. It was the developers who talked about it in the FAQ for the launch of the mobile version of Battle Royale (source). Here is what they say about her:

  • In our next test, the game will be available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Please note that The game must not be downloaded from a third-party site or via a direct APK file download.

If you are looking to play Apex Legends Mobile, then go directly to Google Play or the app depending on the platform associated with your smartphone or tablet. Of course, we remind you that the game is not yet available in France, but it could be available soon as specified by the developers, Respawn Entertainment in the FAQ.

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