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Letters and sounds in space (ENS Paris)

Letters and sounds in space (ENS Paris)

Poetic constellations: letters and sounds in space

Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 2pm – 7:30pm

The historical room of the library of the Higher Normal School

45 rue Ulm, 75005 Paris

Today this is part of the research areas developed by partner institutions. It is proposed to bring together researchers, poets, and poets to draw a movement map for these poetic experiences.

This will include seeing and listening to examples of visual and audio poetry. The choice has been made to present abbreviated forms, to enhance access to the documents – texts, images and sounds – in their own right, in the form of depositions of interventions and presentations. Today will also be an opportunity to celebrate the enrichment of the collection of visual and audio poetry in the library of the National School of Science, and the opening of a cycle of poetry readings and performances within its walls.

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2 pm – 3 pm: Letters and sounds in space: an introductionWritten by Nathalie Coppel (ENS Paris), Amandine Musso (Paris City University) and Marion Uhlig (University of Fribourg).

3pm – 5:30pm: maps drawing

Sylvie Lefebvre (Sorbonne): “Throbbing: The Tradition of the Medieval Book of the Heart”

Abigail Lange (Paris City University): “Mixing ink with saliva”: TheAlba From the Maneke Quartet »

Xiaoxuan Liu (ENS Paris): “A Star is Born: Military field map By Su Hui »

Vincent Broqua (University Paris 8): “American Zodiac: About Anni Albers”


Emmanuel Rubio (University of Paris Nanterre): “ Stele by Adam de la HalleWritten by Gianni Bertini and Jean-Jacques Lévec: The constant dream of poetry Everyone made it ? »

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Agatha Sultan (University of Lausanne): “ Orsonaten middle ages “

Gaël Thival (University of Rouen-Normandy): “A starting point for the search for oxygen”: poems and scores by Bernard Heidsieck.

6 pm – 7:30 pm: Readings and presentations

Yan Group: “Audio description and com. senefance :l'ABC by ekivoche Huon, King of Cambrai »

Vincent Barras: ” GN art ñaque »

Caroline Bergvall: “Night and Day”

Camille Bloomfield: “Typodermic Poems”

Jean-Pierre Pupillot: “Poetry is…rats, etc. »

Pascal Burgin: “The phonetic space of Latin rhyme”

Liliane Giraudon: “Every letter is a closet”

Michel Mittel: “The Infinite Poem.”

(Illustration: Dom Sylvestre Huidar, sonic water, 1964)