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Here is the setting to make in WhatsApp to connect without being detected

Here is the setting to make in WhatsApp to connect without being detected

Don't want to be spotted or disturbed when checking your messages on WhatsApp? A simple setup lets you use messaging without your contacts, or even just some of them, seeing it.

You may not realize it, but your loved ones and complete strangers can spy on you via WhatsApp. In fact, even if instant messaging is known for its high level of security, it still provides them with a certain amount of information about you by default. They can see what time you're logged in, whether you've read their messages, whether you're currently online, etc. It doesn't take much for some people to turn into real voyeurs – stalkers, As they are called in the world of social networks – without you realizing it!

Not to mention, you may simply need a little privacy to quietly check your messages, without everyone knowing you're online! Also, it is sometimes difficult to reject a contact who wants to engage in a live chat, or not to respond to a friend who wrote to you when you do not have time or do not want to respond… but Meta, the parent company of the application, has fortunately planned for this! You can easily hide your presence in messaging with some quick and easy settings.

Until recently, it was possible to hide the “Seen” sign that appears in blue below the last message of each conversation, to prevent your interlocutors from knowing the day and time you last communicated. But although practical, this function quickly showed its limitations. Since then, WhatsApp has revised the privacy functionality of its app by adding new settings. The app now has a section entirely dedicated to seeing your connections, simply called Online Presence.

To access it, open the application settings by clicking on the three small dots at the top right of the screen, then go to the Security section. Then choose the Online Presence section, where you will only have to check the options that suit you. If you want to be completely invisible on WhatsApp, we recommend that you select Nobody in the section Who can see my last online presence?then the same as the last online presence in the section Who can see when I'm online. But you can also choose other options, and even select specific contacts to avoid being seen by only certain people. Practical to avoid secret contacts or friends who attack you to chat as soon as they see you online!

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Likewise, you can uncheck the read receipt in the Privacy section, to make sure you don't betray yourself when reading the message. But be careful, with these options activated, you will also not see whether your interlocutors are online and whether they have read your messages! Yes, it's reciprocity: you won't see other people's relationships if you don't want anyone to see yours.