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Broken on server |  SAAQ services are down again

Broken on server | SAAQ services are down again

A server failure on Tuesday caused a new outage in IT services for the auto insurance company SAAQ, which had to temporarily close its offices.

“We are currently working on improving our systems. “SAAQclic will be back soon,” we can read on the platform in the morning. On the social network

“Our service points and gates must be closed in the morning. Our teams are working to correct the situation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you,” we explain in this post.

Via email, company spokesperson Gino DeRosier explained that this was an equipment failure affecting one of the central servers. “We are rebooting the system to resume services as soon as possible,” he said, without going further on the recovery time.

This is not the first collapse to occur in recent months, much less since the SAAQ transformation began. At the height of the crisis last year, many service centers had to close for two weeks to allow transportation, leading to long queues when they reopened.

SAAQ has already spent more than half a billion dollars on its digital transformation, with the publishing contract eventually reaching $573 million.

Last November, SAAQ CEO Eric Ducharme revealed that the IT crisis alone had cost more than $40 million.

In April, Quebec's auditor general announced that it would investigate the management of the IT crisis. Guylaine Leclerc's office has since launched a public audit of the SAAQclic publication. Interested Quebecers must submit a brief description online, on the VG website, of the situation they experienced while deploying the SAAQclic. You may remain anonymous.

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