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Lara Fabian's reaction to an old grim interview in the French version of Tout le monde en parle

Lara Fabian’s reaction to an old grim interview in the French version of Tout le monde en parle

Lara Fabian was on the set Everyone is talking about it, this Sunday, November 14, to present his “culinary autobiography”. I go to the table, published on November 3 by Libre Expression Editions.

See what the artist has to tell us about this new project here.

During the interview, Guy A. La Page goes back to a time when some of the French media had made Lara Fabian President of the Turks. The host provided for this purpose an excerpt from the French version of Everyone is talking about it In which Thierry Ardisson went there with remarks he could have been fired for on the spot if they had been uttered in 2021.

« The good thing is that the breasts did not move. Because sometimes, when you lose weight, you lose your breasts The host in particular said, commenting on the physique of the interested main party.

From an excerpt to which Lara Fabian immediately responded by pointing out a fundamental difference between the media’s treatment of France and that of Quebec.

« Again, you didn’t hear him say I’m a sausage, because you were kind enough to play an excerpt that was still audible, I think, but it was tough and violent. You see very well that… I am completely… I don’t have the means to respond and hung.

« We are very good here. That’s it. I don’t know how to describe it any other way. The public will not accept that. People couldn’t stand seeing someone getting smashed here, I guess you got it right […] Having said that, out of love for my French audience, I want to say that he doesn’t like it either, when he loves you. But at the ball, everyone ends up dancing ‘, she concluded.

Remember that Lara Fabian will return to her position as a Director at star Academy next winter. Find out here what she had to tell us about the challenges and expectations for this new season.