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Pictures |  Karaoke: Bars are already full until Christmas

Pictures | Karaoke: Bars are already full until Christmas

Karaoke wasn’t so popular before. An unexpected result of the epidemic and health measures, Quebecers, who have been away from the microphone for months, are now flocking to the rooms where they sing the song.

Previously, L’Astral 2000 organized karaoke nights only on weekends. But until further notice, it will be seven nights a week.

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“They are full, full, full, I’ve never seen that before! Alain St-Pierre, the owner, told me, ‘So some afternoons are reserved by groups and we will leave the machine to them.'”

Be careful not to spontaneously show up somewhere on Saturday night… you might hit the wall!

QMI’s photo by Mario Beauregard

The most famous establishments are already full on the weekends until Christmas.

“People were so worried that I took group bookings in case the law allowed us to reopen, and now that that is, we are full until December 18th,” explains Pascal Lefevre, owner. From the bar Le Normandie, where 70 more or less amateur singers will follow each other into the microphone.

Don’t despair if you don’t have reservations. There are still places available on weekday evenings. At Le Date Bar, Sainte-Catherine Est, we take reservations for the week only.

“If people call on Monday or Tuesday for the following weekend, it usually works,” says Danny Gubin.

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Astral 2000 Regular, Micheline Bourdon, No need to worry about bookings. His place is reserved from the start every day! For Le Journal, this karaoke lover grabs the microphone and sings Bye bye love Des Everly Brothers.

Micheline Bourdon sang Goodbye by Love from Everly Brother at Astral 2000.

QMI photo, Joel LeMay

Micheline Bourdon sang Goodbye by Love from Everly Brother at Astral 2000.

“I got a machine to make at home while it was illegal here,” she says.

Xs remains drawn to the stages in which the singer must position himself, and where glass panels separate him from his audience. Establishments offer sanitary covers that cover microphones, usually called “microphone covers”: “We will sell them for $3 and people will keep the microphone covers: all of them!” said Mr. St-Pierre.

The law will allow customers to get up and dance.

QMI’s photo by Mario Beauregard

“Finally, we won’t have to tell people to sit down anymore,” cheers Jeremy Boivin, Diet Director.

Several followers had made an appointment last night at this last establishment which was full.

“We’re in our early twenties and it’s an age when we’re supposed to socialize and we’ve been denied that for over a year, so we wanted to be here even if it was a Monday night,” Aurore explains. , 23, a UQAM student in communications.

QMI’s photo by Mario Beauregard

“I got up very early last night to take pictures, but I wanted to be here and break the ice with the first song of the night, toxic Written by Britney Spears, to celebrate her freedom of discovery at the same time as the historic return of karaoke, says comedian Mathieu Dufour, who also met at Le Dit Bar.

Karaoke and dance are back in bars across Quebec since Monday. However, wearing a mask is mandatory when customers are standing and walking around establishments.