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The winning duo |  Montreal Magazine

The winning duo | Montreal Magazine

Gloss met absurdity on the stage of the Place des Arts on Friday as Rita Baga and Jean-Thomas Jobin led a deliciously mismatched white evening non-stop.

Once the host duo was put on stage when the crowd jumped to their feet, covering them with loud applause. Advance Beat, Sal Wilfried Pelletier? maybe.

However, Jean-Thomas Jobin and Rita Baja proved to be so deserving of a very successful opening number. Their universes – diametrically opposite – have united in an unexpected and downright refreshing context. In terms of sobriety, Jean-Thomas Jobin.

On the other hand, Foran Rita Baja. But instead of remaining rigid, contradictory, and even incongruent, their energies smudge each other, giving almost unexpected shades in both artists.

Big Brother Shadow

Obviously, all night long, there was thick butter — quite a lot, even — on their assignment at the Big Brother Celebrities earlier this year. François Lambert, who has been renamed here several times, Syrup Lambert, has gone through SAP more than his role. He was a good player, turning up a little later in the evening for a short but sharp wink.

The animator duo also hit the mark in the middle of the evening with a floating number of contrasting harmony with the help of Julian Corivu. Although the humor sometimes flowed with the daisies, it allowed them to refute certain ideas and some particularly toxic prejudices. Well done.

evening stars نجوم

Let’s also underscore the toughness of Rita Baga, who made the arts arena her playground for the first time in her career. The years of experience in nightclub theaters have clearly paid off, making her a perfect control hostess. Jean-Thomas Jobin also proved to be a comfortable host, but above all lovable. An unexpected duo, of course. But the winning duo.

Among their guests, Alex Peron stood out particularly well by tackling some audiences’ vulnerability to being offended by nothing. There was at first fear his hypothesis, at first glance trite, using the classic tale of Pet Pis Repeats. But by passing it through every conceivable perspective of political correctness, it has performed impressively.

The same goes for Melanie Ghanmi. The comedian made us laugh as hard as we often do with the annoying memory, for example, of his first saying. We were going to take a lot of delicious tidbits like the flawless drawing and timing.

The highlight of the evening? The arrival of Corinne Cottier, Mathieu Dufour and Christine Morency meet again in a sketch during the funeral of Papa Bron, the late cat Jean-Thomas Jobin. A perfectly quirky and quirky number, delivered by a trio that we desperately want to find again, sooner rather than later.

Just for Laughs Festival runs through July 31.