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Watch: Cale Makar suffers from a rare brain spasm

Watch: Cale Makar suffers from a rare brain spasm

Better late than never for the Nashville Predators, who scored two goals in the final minute of play to clinch a 4-3 win over the Colorado Avalanche on Monday night at Bridgestone Arena, capitalizing on a fluke from Cale Makar.

The Avs defenseman had a good game with three assists, but sent the fourth goal to the wrong team.

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Trying to send the puck onto the boards while on a defensive retreat, Makar instead bounced the puck right in front of goaltender Alexander Georgiev. He even fell backwards while trying to retrieve the black object.

Meanwhile, the “Preds” had time to fire twice and Yakov Trenin shook the ropes. There were only 21 seconds left in the game and the Avalanche had to concede defeat.

Seventeen seconds earlier, Filip Forsberg leveled the game with a brilliant reflex. The Swede hit the puck on the fly to pass it over Georgiev’s shoulder, while the Predators attacked with six skaters.

This was Forsberg’s second goal in the match. Quebec goalkeeper Jérémie Lauzon scored his first goal of the year in the win.

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