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Justice denies early retirement to tribals

Justice denies early retirement to tribals

With our correspondent in Sydney, Gregory Please

With Australia’s statutory retirement age rising from 65 to 67 on July 1, a Wakka Wakka man known as Uncle Dennis has taken legal action to make an early exit. He justifies his claim because Aboriginal people have a shorter life expectancy compared to other Australians.

According to the most recent population statistics, the Australians In fact, on average, they can enjoy their retirement for more than thirteen years. But the tribe, they are just four people.

Questioned? There is a gap of eight and a half years in life expectancy between the tribals and the rest of the population. A fact that justifies early retirement for all of Australia’s Aboriginal people, according to Uncle Dennis. However, this is exactly what he tried to appeal to the Federal Court, when the government, by imposing a retirement age on him that did not take into account his reduced life expectancy, He was racially discriminated against.

A charge was cleared by a court that deposed Uncle Dennis, but recognized the tribe’s short lifespan. A sad result of two centuries of dispossession, marginalization and destruction of social structures “. And beyond the lifespan, the adivasis And more exposed Risk of poverty, malnutrition or incarceration.

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