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New visa application procedure for Australia

New visa application procedure for Australia

Over the years, it has been possible Apply for a visa to Australia reality. The application process takes a maximum of half an hour, after which the visa is often issued very quickly. For a long time, travelers only had to enter their passport data in a digital application form. However, uploading a digital scan of passport while applying is also required for several months. The application process may take a little longer, but visa issuance does not seem to take much time. Read on for more information.

Visa requirements for Australia

Almost everyone traveling to Australia must apply for a travel authorization beforehand. Most passport holders from EU countries are eligible for an eVisitor visa. The eVisitor visa allows travelers to visit Australia an unlimited number of times within a one-year period. The longest period lasts up to three months.

You must be in good physical and mental health to travel to Australia. You cannot apply for a visa if Australian immigration officials believe you are at risk, for example if you have an infectious disease or serious mental health problems.

Finally, you must not have a criminal record and have sufficient financial resources to finance your trip.

How does the application process work?

The application process is generally very simple. Only some personal information needs to be provided in the application form. This includes your address, location and telephone number and a brief description (written in English) of what you intend to do during your stay in Australia. Then you have to deliver Passport details. These should always be copied correctly. If you make a mistake and your visa details are incorrect, your visa will not be valid and therefore you will not be able to travel to Australia on this visa.

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You must answer certain security questions honestly so that immigration officials can determine whether you pose a risk to the country. Finally, upload a scan or clear photograph of your passport to complete the application. Once Australian Immigration Services has received all the requested information, it usually takes only a few hours to issue a visa. In some exceptional cases, it may take a few days for the visa to be issued if the Australian Immigration Service carries out a spot check and further examines your application. Once you receive your visa, you can print it or download it to your phone. Make sure you have it with you as you will need to show it when you board.