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Jonathan Julian brags about giving a journalist a gift

Jonathan Julian brags about giving a journalist a gift

CAQ MP Jonathan Julien bragged on social media on Friday about giving Jean Charlevoix as a gift to Parliament Hill journalist Louis Lacroix.

On his Facebook page as MP for Charlesbourg in the National Assembly, Mr. Julien explains that after discovering the journalist’s artistic talents, the latter agreed to lend him one of his works, which the MP proudly displayed in his office.

The Minister responsible for the National Capital Region later wrote that during Louis Lacroix’s visit to his offices, he took the opportunity “to give him a personal gift, a Menaud de Charlevoix gin, which would make the National Capital proud.”

Mr Julian also explains that the gin was chosen in reference to the work of the parliamentary reporter highlighting the book Menod, master log driver By Felix Antoine Savard.

Jonathan Julian adds without any restraint: “And also knowing that [Louis Lacroix] He will not do me any favors in the halls of the Council,” a sentence accompanied by a winking emoji.

The two men also stood proudly in front of a painting of Mr. Lacroix holding a bottle of gin in his hands.

The publication would have created a kind of uneasiness among subscribers to the MP’s page, as out of the 37 comments announced, 34 comments no longer appeared under the post during our visit on Sunday evening.

Moreover, the only comment that remained was that of a woman who wrote “discomfort,” while another subscriber mentioned the beauty of the painting.

Recall that in addition to being the Member of Parliament for Charlesbourg, Jonathan Julian is also the Minister responsible for Infrastructure and the Minister responsible for the National Capital Region.

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For his part, Louis Lacroix serves as head of the political bureau of Cogeco Media in the National Assembly. He is also a host, particularly as a stand-in for Paul Arcand, during the summer slot, on 98.5.