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Canadian SMEs are moving from curiosity to action on AI

Canadian SMEs are moving from curiosity to action on AI

This is a press release sent by Microsoft on March 25, 2024:

“Microsoft Canada published on March 25, 2024 the results of a New study On AI-related challenges and opportunities for Canadian small businesses. The results reveal that Canadian SMEs are moving from curiosity to action when it comes to AI, with 78% currently looking to adopt AI. Here are other survey findings, including strong interest in training and protecting data privacy amid the rise of artificial intelligence.

Investment and adoption

37% of Canadian SMEs invested in AI in 2023

78% of SMEs are currently looking to adopt AI

65% encourage their employees to use artificial intelligence

AI has enabled an average increase of 31% in the productivity of SMEs in Canada, and 76% of companies consider the impact of AI on company productivity to be positive.

AI gains efficiency in HR

58% of companies say AI makes hiring easier

64% say employees focus on more creative and relevant tasks thanks to AI

Hiring employees with AI expertise and training current employees are HR priorities (37% vs. 35%).

Laying the right foundations

More than half of the companies surveyed have organized AI training.

Nearly half of mid-sized companies cited upskilling existing talent as a major challenge to AI adoption.

Data privacy and cybersecurity threats are among the top five AI challenges faced by small and medium businesses in Canada. » »

Featured image: Microsoft Canada headquarters in Montreal, taken by Écran Partagé