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Dinosaur Exposed in “The Masked Singers”

Dinosaur Exposed in “The Masked Singers”

The dinosaur had to remove its head on Sunday, to reveal the person carrying this character on his shoulders, the host Alain Dumas.

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The person who earlier in the episode posted the note on MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” has had to leave the popular TVA variety group.

Detectives Sam Britton and Anouk Meunier guessed that Alain Dumas was hiding in the dinosaur. For his part, their companion Stéphane Rousseau thought it was the host of “Salut Bonjour”, Gino Chouinard.

In addition to singing dinosaur MC Hammer, Sunday’s episode also featured the lovers covering Pink and Nate Royce’s “Just Give Me a Reason”; The chameleon who sang “Fille de Personne II” by Hubert Lenoir; Lion, who pushed the note on “Try” by Pink; and the ice ballerina who performed “If You Love Me” by Lara Fabian.

Special Halloween offer on October 29th

Next Sunday, the lineup of fall’s most popular shows on the Quebec small screen will be in Halloween mode. And of course the investigators will be dressed for the occasion. The production promised that “the big twist will change everything” in the competition.

Produced by Productions Déferlantes in collaboration with Quebecor Content, “Chanteursmasqués” is broadcast every Sunday at 6:30 pm on TVA.

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