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Annie Villeneuve is back in school

Annie Villeneuve is back in school

In addition to her career as a singer and more recently as a radio presenter, Annie Villeneuve continues to add strands to her arc with back to school. In an interview in the latest issue of 7 Jours, she told us about this addition to her resume and another major change in her career.


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“I got a degree in management. I graduated from HEC. I did it in the evenings and weekends. During this time, my daughter realized that I had to dedicate myself to my studies. I am glad I got my degree in organizational leadership, because it is a great tool to discover yourself as a manager It was very enriching,” Annie Villeneuve revealed to us.


At the same time, the artist also made an important decision in her career, which was to have a director.

“Previously, I was managing myself, but now I have a manager. I weighed the pros and cons. I had to find someone I could trust. I could have continued to look after my career, but I made choices. I know I’m better as a team. My ideas are better when I share them. I found that There is a major imbalance between the time I spend keeping books and managing schedules and the time I spend in my activities as a singer.

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