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‘How to Be a Guru’: Comedian Matthew Cyr turns welfare messenger

‘How to Be a Guru’: Comedian Matthew Cyr turns welfare messenger

Comedian Mathieu Serr builds a new “character” before our eyes to meet the needs of documentary reality How to become a teacherwhich arrives on the Vrai platform this Tuesday.

This four-episode production on Fresh TV, as part of MIPCOM, has been selected among the most promising shows around the world, after its promo was spotted by The Wit.

The episodes show us how Matthew Cyr, who graduated from the National School of Humor in 2007, builds a story in order to become a teacher, a type that is becoming more and more widespread on social networks.

To create a guide to wellness, the forty-year-old, who is also a (real) speaker and author, calls on his girlfriend of the past three years, Ashley Jade Lussier, who is also his manager and producer. From his offers.

Image courtesy of VRAI

“The goal was really to see how people take a vague message. All the time, we say we can help, but without offering things per se. Everything is the wind. We wanted to show how easy it is to create an image in digital media and say: ‘Look how it worked!’ “And then, with fake and fake subscribers Likes“To create a real buzz around it,” he explained.

In the first two episodes seen by QMI, Matteo and Ashley Jade agreed that he should change his wardrobe during the 16-week trial and that he should be more zen in order to convince a greater number of potential followers to adopt her approach based on three pillars: health, social network and money. .

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Therefore, he proposes organizing conferences to share the fruits of his experiences with as many people as possible. “The scary thing was seeing thousands of people joining the movement when they didn’t even know what they were getting involved in, and I myself didn’t know what I was offering them. But by flattering them and pointing them in the right direction, things developed.”

to hesitate

Mathieu Cyr admitted that he hesitated before diving into this human adventure as “as disturbing as it is enriching” because he feared his fans would not understand his approach to documentary reality, and said he “imposed his limits” on the production. Especially since he gives real conferences related to his book It’s not too late He is keen on his career as a comedian, as he continues his tour Before the end of the world With his partner Olivier Martineau.

Image courtesy of VRAI

How to become a teacher It allows us to follow the emergence of a teacher from within and gives voice to experts such as sociologist and professor Martin Geoffroy, who is Director of the Center of Expertise and Training on Religious Fundamentalism, Political Ideologies and Extremism (CEFIR). The series also examines cases linked to teacher abuse, including the case of Chantal Lavigne, who died in 2011 during an esoteric exercise.

sense of urgency

Mathieu Serr also invites a partner to lend credibility to the exercise and persuade other followers to adopt his discourse, as a true teacher would do. He realizes over time that he needs to change course and create a “sense of urgency” to attract more attention.

To find out if Mathieu Cyr actually gives conferences as a teacher, you have to watch the series produced by Martin Paquette to the end. But he says, “People are going up at a hundred miles an hour!” He warns that “no one is safe” from spiritual leaders and other life coaches.

Produced by Pixcom in association with Quebcor Content, the documentary reality show How to become a teacher Available from Tuesday, October 24 on Vrai.