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Isabelle Racicot reveals she is “tired” of “the week ends well”

Isabelle Racicot reveals she is “tired” of “the week ends well”

Sunday night host Isabelle Racicot returned for her animated finale at the helm of the show on Sunday night It's a good end to the weekin the spring of 2013.

Asked by Jean-Philippe Dionne on the show True natureShe said she learned that she would be replaced on screen a few weeks after the season finale.

“I was like, 'Well, maybe I'm not that good anymore. Maybe I don't belong in this environment anymore…'”

It forced me to break away from this environment, from this profession. That is, there is a before and after. It's a good end to the week for me. I have known myself a lot through work. I invested 300%. I'm doing it today, but I know that if it stops, I can do something else,” continued the presenter who discovered V.I flashat the beginning of the first decade of the twenty-first century.

Isabelle Racicot during her appearance on La vérité Nature.

Photo courtesy of TVA

Isabelle Racicot also confided in Jean-Philippe that she had left flashHer dream job, because she can no longer reconcile her motherhood and her real life, with the superficiality of the red carpets she has covered.

You have to be really beautiful to succeed

The broadcaster also revealed that she was subjected to a lot of judgment and severe criticism at the beginning of her artistic career from broadcasters and producers because of the color of her skin.

“When I compare myself to a lot of people who wanted to do this job, who also come from diversity; “I have had a great career, but did I feel that my skin color bothered me, did the producers make me feel that way, then the answer is yes.”

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She added: “At the beginning of my career, I was told categorically: ‘You want to do this… You have to be really beautiful to succeed.’”

He is reunited with his biological mother

The flight attendant, who was born to a Quebec mother and Haitian father and was adopted by a Quebec couple five days later, revealed that she reconnected with her biological mother some time ago.

“It's a relationship that's just starting, but I'm lucky. You never know who you meet, and you never know if you're okay.” suitableBut I always tell me Boyfriends“This woman could be my friend so much that I feel we have a closeness,” she said.

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