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Jackie Chan 'in shock' on his 70th birthday

Jackie Chan 'in shock' on his 70th birthday

Being 70 years old… may be a blow to your morale… or a desire for joy!

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Jackie Chan passed through the two states, and he narrates this in a long message that he posted on social media. The actor admitted that he expects to feel less mobile and less optimistic at this age. However… “Even before today, many friends reminded me: ‘Jackie, it's almost your 70th birthday!’ Every time I heard that number, my heart stopped for a moment: Am I already 70 years old? » Chan explained on Instagram.

“After getting over the shock, the second thing that comes to my mind is the phrase that my older brother, Sammo Hong, once said: ‘To be able to grow old is a lucky thing.’” He added, “Especially for us people with shortcomings.” “Movement, we don't know how lucky we are to be able to grow older.”

the actor Rush hour He also expressed gratitude for his good health and long career, revealing that he is proud to still be able to perform the stunts that made his reputation.

“I cherish every moment because I am lucky enough to continue photography until today,” he said, sharing a series of photos he has taken throughout his life. “Looking at these pictures brings back so many good memories. All I can say is that I love making movies and I love you all.: I love making movies and I love you all. »

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The Hollywood legend then took the opportunity to reassure his fans about his health, after he was recently photographed looking “old”, with white hair and a matching beard. Jackie Chan revealed that this unusual appearance was for an upcoming film he was working on.

His star friends did not forget him on his birthday, and he was flooded with messages. Will Smith, whose son Jaden Smith starred alongside Jackie Chan in the 2010 film reboot karate Kid, particularly poignant. “Happy 70th birthday to my friend @jackiechan!!! Besides making some of my favorite movies ever, and creating some of the craziest moments ever filmed, thank you more than anything for helping raise Jaden. The time we spent with you in Beijing during karate Kid He left a lasting impact on our entire family. “We wish you the deepest love and inspiration for your next journey around the sun,” he wrote on his Instagram page alongside a photo of the trio.

Johnny Knoxville is a star donkeywas more sober: “Happy Birthday Jackie!!!”