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Ballot boxes follow each other but are not the same (duplicate)

Ballot boxes follow each other but are not the same (duplicate)

On Sunday I reported on a CNN/SSRS poll that contrasts with the upward trend in support for Joe Biden observed in several recent polls. This measure credited Donald Trump with a 5 percentage point lead over the outgoing president nationally. However, a new poll conducted by NPR/PBS Newshour/ Marist suggests that these results may have been anomalous.

According to this Public opinion pollBiden collects 50% of voting intentions compared to 48% for Trump among voters registered on the electoral rolls. But his lead rises to 5 percentage points (52% – 47%) among voters who will probably or definitely vote next November, according to their statements. This audience is made up particularly of older adults and whites with college degrees, a group that offsets Biden's losses among black and Latino voters.

According to the poll, Democrats are most concerned about the rise of extremism and fascism, while Republicans' biggest concerns are a lack of values ​​and the weakness of the nation.

The poll also indicates that at least 77% of voters believe Trump did something illegal or at least immoral. However, only half of voters are watching the former president's impeachment trial in New York.

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