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IPTV communications signals hacked: Five people arrested in Quebec

IPTV communications signals hacked: Five people arrested in Quebec

On Tuesday morning, Quebec security ended the activities of two illegal companies that provided services to hijack the signals of the largest telecommunications companies in the province.

“A world of possibilities with the Arubox TV Internet TV solution. All channels, all movies and series, at unbeatable prices,” we can read on the website of AruboxTV, one of the entities targeted by the police operation carried out by the Criminal Assets Recovery Office of the Quebec Security.

The other company targeted is StockerIPTV.

In total, police handcuffed five people in the municipalities of Saint-Eustache, Gatineau, Longueuil, Brownsburg and Chatham.

Quebec security believes the suspects committed theft of communications services, fraud and laundering the proceeds of crime.

The two companies targeted by the police allegedly sold terminals that allowed fraudulent obtaining of telecommunications services from various companies such as Videotron, Bell and Rogers.

“It is important to specify that persons who are or were subscribers and who have or had a peripheral device from one of these companies (Formuler brand decoder box or other) are not included in the “ongoing criminal investigation,” Quebec security insisted on the specification in a press release.

Authorities said additional arrests could be made in the coming weeks as part of this investigation.

Subscribers who have dealt with these two companies are invited to return their peripherals to the official drop-off point of the Quebec Electronic Products Recycling Program.

To get a list of drop points: