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Instagram rolls out post scheduling on its app

Who has never dreamed of being able to schedule their posts Instagram Submitted directly from the app without any complications? This will be possible now very soon. The social network now wants to make it easier for content creators without having to use multiple tools. A look back at the future possibilities for this New feature.

A long awaited new feature : Programming

It has been several years since the possibility Schedule posts directly on the Instagram app long overdue It is not easy to lay your eyes on the watch to post in time. Forgetfulness and lack of time… all good reasons not to feed your Instagram feed like it should. Fortunately, other applications allow this programming. But it is still interesting to be able to do this directly from the content we want our content to appear on. And for this reason, Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile app developer Application, is looking into the topic to give this capability to users, especially content creators, in Instagram. He has revealed on Twitter certain aspects of this new tool.

Image credit: Pexels/Kerde Severin

different possibilities

Thanks to this new functionality, it is possible to have a real programming tool in your hands. Users can post all kinds of content. Among them, pictures, reels or even rotors. In addition, it is possible to schedule prints 20 minutes in advance. And this possibility can extend up to 75 days! No need to think about your feed all day, you can schedule Publications light hearted; However, it should be noted that this new function may only be available to users who have a file Business account activated Or not.

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Image credit: Pexels / Ready

This novelty promises to please more than one. However, no date has been mentioned at the moment regarding his arrival in the application. But for sure it will be possible to test it soon!