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How to configure your Steam Deck?

Steam Deck is the new portable console from Valve, the company behind the Steam platform.

With orders still being delivered, it’s time to figure out how to set up this device. Unlike Nintendo and PlayStation, SteamDeck is closer to a gaming PC.

Steam Deck Basic Configurations

As with any new electronic device, you will need to check the charge status of the Steam Deck battery.

Once this is done, you can turn on your console and start setup. Pressing the Wi-Fi or Steam button will take you to Settings. From here you can adjust the volume, microphone, screen brightness, customize the controller button, and the language used. For a better experience, we recommend disabling automatic brightness.

Steam Deck runs on Linux, with a Proton overlay to support Windows games. However, there is a desktop mode that can be accessed by holding down the power button. This option turns the console into a mini computer. Thanks to this, it is possible to add other programs and even another operating system such as Windows 10/11. This process, however, requires a separate guide.

Advanced Options

Valve’s console has plenty of other options. For example, it is possible to connect a Steam Deck to a monitor or TV via a USB-C to HDMI cable. Bluetooth technology also allows you to add peripheral devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or even a wireless controller.

One of the advantages of the console is its flexibility. Once you master the device, you can turn it into a small office by adding the Office Suite from the Discover Software Center. This customization extends to the configuration of the keys. From the settings, it is possible to assign the L4, R4, L5 and R5 buttons anywhere on the gamepad, keyboard or mouse.

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Steam Deck also has an EmuDeck feature. This tool allows you to play old games or the latest titles. However, you will have to download emulators and ROMs to be able to make use of it.


Steam Deck is a versatile console, available in 64GB (eMMC), 256GB (NVMe SSD), and 512GB (NVMe SSD) storage. They are respectively accessible for $399, $529, and $649, and we’d recommend the last two for space and SSD speed.