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In the UK, does the "party" end for Boris Johnson?

In the UK, does the “party” end for Boris Johnson?


The British Prime Minister has been criticized by critics for hosting a number of banquets on Downing Street while the United Kingdom, which has been hit hard by the Govt-19 epidemic, was under complete blockade. Even within the Conservative camp, calls for Boris Johnson’s resignation are on the rise.

“Pojo” is in bad shape. The British Prime Minister, who was accused of arranging several “pots” on Downing Street at the beginning of the health crisis linked to Govt-19 when the United Kingdom was under complete blockade Boris Johnson, Is on fire for the reason that it has no precedent and, in general, for the administration of the country.

Discussions are heating up in parliament this week The Prime Minister dared to defend himself With a thin argument: “No one told me it violated the rules”.

Despite repeated populist political statements aimed at re-conquering his base and the announcement that most anti-Govt restrictions in the UK will end next week, the Conservative leader finds himself in an increasingly precarious position.

About 20 young Conservative MPs gathered on Tuesday, according to British media To discuss the no-confidence vote on Boris Johnson.

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