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A nearly 5 meter long albino python was found in Texas

The reptile, which had been seen frequently on the city’s streets since July, was spotted and captured.

“This story has a very happy ending,” the animal center in Austin, Texas, USA, said on Thursday. Snow, an almost 5-meter-tall albino reticulated python, was found and captured in the Coronado Hills.

Since last July, residents of the Texas city have been keeping an eye out for the white and yellow scaly reptiles roaming their streets.

“We received a call about the giant python on Monday. Due to the temperature, the snake was careless enough that a few local residents were able to catch it and keep it in their garage,” the center said. on his Facebook account.

Once there, the association evacuated it from its home and handed it over to the Austin Zoo, which would provide the reptile with “more appropriate homes.”

Found by the owner

You should know that this animal is not wild. It usually lives in the forests of Southeast Asia.

The Animal Center researched the Internet and found a notice from several months ago. In July, a Dallas man said he lost his python after a bag was stolen from his car — right where the snake was. He was identified and the albino python was handed over to him.

“Snow has found its owner, and the Coronado Hills no longer need to search for a giant python!” Austin’s Animal Center concluded.

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