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In Australia, deadly spiders that can survive underwater take refuge in swimming pools

Recent rains in Australia have had unexpected consequences: highly venomous spiders, capable of surviving in aquatic environments, have taken refuge in swimming pools.

If you are going on holiday to Australia be careful, swimming in the pool can be dangerous! In fact, deadly spiders, such as Atrax robustus and tarantulas, are considered the most dangerous to humans. Earth magazinePeople are swimming in Australian pools as parts of the country are flooded due to heavy rains in the past few days.

The beast, 5 to 7 cm tall, is part of the funnel-web spider family and is native to Sydney. Fearless and offensive, she does not hesitate to venture into human habitations.

She can kill in 15 minutes

Very aggressive, it is impressive when it stands on its hind legs to attack and secretes venom that is particularly dangerous to children and vulnerable people.

An Atrax robustus bite will kill within 15 minutes if no medication is administered quickly. Nevertheless, no one has died from this spider since the 1980s, especially since an effective anti-venom has been developed.

But what do they do in swimming pools? Sam Herman, animal keeper at the Australian Reptile Region, He explained to 9NewsAccording to Jio, heavy rains have set the spiders in motion.

Spiders can survive 24 hours underwater

“They are often looking for shelter, so the edge of the pond creates an ideal environment for them to hide in dry conditions. However, sometimes they can accidentally fall into the pond.”

The aquatic environment doesn’t scare Atrax robustus because they “can survive underwater by trapping an air bubble in the hairs on their bottoms,” explains the trainer.

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“They breathe differently than humans, so they take longer to submerge.” In particular, 24 hours a day, in the case of funnel-web spiders, they are active and can bite underwater.

So, many Australians were pleasantly surprised to find these tarantulas in the middle of their swimming pools:

In this case, it is better to remove the animal with a net and consult a doctor if bitten.