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Deadly spiders take shelter in swimming pools after heavy rains

Deadly spiders invade Swimming pools Heavy rains in Australia last week left parts of the country flooded. Baptized Atrax robustus Or Sydney funnel-web spider In English, this family of tarantulas Spiders Explains that funnel-web spiders are the most dangerous venomous spiders for humans Geo.

This endemic speciesAustralia Especially in and around Sydney, hence the name. It is 5 to 7 cm long and is characterized by hairlessness. It is a fearless and very aggressive spider. She tends to enter houses and does not hesitate to stand on her hind legs to attack. Its impressive teeth release venom that is extremely painful and deadly to children and vulnerable people. They die within 15 minutes if not treated quickly.

Check the pool

Fortunately, an antivenom has been developed that is very effective against the effects of the bite, so no one dies from the attack.Atrax robustus Since the 1980s, the recent heavy rains in the country have forced these spiders to take shelter at the edges of many swimming pools in the region. However, funnel-web spiders can survive underwater for up to 24 hours thanks to an air bubble trapped on their inner surface.

Even if they fall off the edge of the pool, they are active and can help sustain an underwater bite. The spiders in question can act this way even if they appear completely dead seconds before. Australians are therefore advised to be particularly vigilant and check carefully before diving into their swimming pool.

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