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[IMAGES] Someone tries to set himself on fire outside Trump's courthouse

[IMAGES] Someone tries to set himself on fire outside Trump's courthouse

***Warning: The images in this article may be shocking to some people***

A man tried to set himself on fire, Friday, in front of the Manhattan courthouse where Donald Trump is on trial, after throwing graffiti into the air containing “conspiracy theories,” according to police.

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Police identified the perpetrator as a man born in 1987, originally from Florida, and named Maxwell Azzarello. New York Fire Chief Laura Kavanagh said during a press conference that his condition was considered “serious” but that he was “alive.”

The pictures of the drama broadcast by American channels and social networks are impressive. We see the victim with both hands behind his head turning into a human torch for several seconds before he falls to the ground. The police rushed to the man and used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

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At the site of the fire, in the square opposite the court, clothes were still burning slowly on the ground, and a strong smell was emanating after several minutes, according to what an Agence France-Presse journalist at the site reported.

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An eyewitness at the scene, who gave his name as Dave (73 years old), said he saw the man throwing graffiti in the air before opening a container, throwing its contents at him and starting the fire using a lighter.

According to one police official, Joseph Kenny, the writings “are conspiracy theories, there is information about Ponzi schemes and the fact that some of our schools are fronts for the mafia.”

Security protocol

According to police, the man arrived in New York a few days ago.

Immediately, this drama did not disrupt the course of the historic trial of Donald Trump. At approximately 3:00 pm local time (7 pm GMT), the session resumed, and the former US President did not make any comments upon his return to the courtroom.

The police confirmed that they would review the security protocols around the court, while the system had already been strengthened by the presence of a former American president inside the building.

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Photography by Michael M. Santiago/AFP

“This man did not violate security protocols,” said Jeffrey Madry, one of the police commanders. He added: “The park was open to the public.”

This square has already been occupied since the trial began on Monday, by a few dozen pro- or anti-Trump protesters, but without any notable incident since then.

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